HIPPOLYTUS was most recently seen at the Plan B Theatre in Salt Lake City. It will soon be available in a Dutch translation.

“It is a stark, spare play that is terrifying in its simplicity.  In its very short hour and a half it moves with the fatal inevitability of a guillotine racing on its downward course to the chopping block.”  Arizona Daily Wildcat

Mask of Aphrodite, Valerie Yeo, Singapore

Mask of Phaedra, Valerie Yeo, Singapore

Mask of the Nurse, Valerie Yeo, Singapore

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“Wonderful!  A powerful story [told] in a way that expands the boundaries of Salt Lake City’s theatrical landscape.”  [Salt Lake] City Weekly

“A stimulating theatrical experience . . .  innovative and enjoyable.”  Arizona Daily Star

“Interesting and inventive . . .  beguiling!”  Tucson Citizen