The Woman from the Sea


“A shatteringly powerful work! I left the theater with a vivid image of the whole thing in my mind for weeks. The performance hit me with the elemental force of a tidal wave.” — Eric Damast

Erland (David Winton) and Ellida (Margaret Dawson) Photo: Joseph Bly

Seaman (AJ Handegard) and Ellida (Margaret Dawson) Photo: Joseph Bly

Bolette (Tatjana Vujosevic) Photo: Joseph Bly

“Critics Pick!”—Show Business

“The passionate and gripping story of a woman haunted by her past!” —HCNY Bulletin

“Passionate and moving!” — Bernyce Winick


“Dramma intenso, ben diretto . . . Applausi!” — Mario Fratti, America Oggi

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